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Our landscape contractors installing mulch for a home in Jupiter, FL.

Mulch & Rock Installation in Palm Beach, Jupiter, and Manalapan, FL

Our experienced team installs mulch and rock ground cover to not only give your landscape beds a polished look, but to also protect them from erosion and weeds.

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Mulch and rock installation services for homes and businesses in Palm Beach, FL and nearby areas.

Benefits of mulch and rock ground cover include protection from soil erosion, weed growth prevention, moisture retention, and more.

Our mulch installation service for a property in Jupiter, FL.

When new landscaping is installed or existing landscaping is renovated, it’s vital to include a ground cover installation. Mulch and rock help to finish off your landscaping, but they also have many functional purposes as well, such as soil erosion protection, weed growth prevention, moisture retention, and more.

We install mulch and rock ground cover for homes and businesses in Palm Beach, Jupiter, Manalapan, and the nearby Florida areas.

Benefits of Proper Mulch & Rock Installation

Ground coverings like mulch and rock provide both an aesthetic and a health benefit to your property’s landscaping. The ground covering on your property has benefits such as:

  • Provide insulation: Ground cover can insulate your landscape bed soil against any temperature changes that could harm the roots of the plants. In our area of Florida, we don’t have too many days that get very cold, but when we do, it’s important that your plants be insulated against those cold days.
  • Moisture retention: Mulch and rock can help your soil retain moisture, which helps your irrigation system water more efficiently. When the proper amount of ground cover is laid, it helps to retain water in the soil so that it doesn’t evaporate into the warm air.
  • Weed growth prevention: A layer of mulch and rock can help prevent unwanted weed growth. They block the weeds from reaching the light, air, and water, which are the key nutrients needed for photosynthesis to occur. Without these nutrients, the weeds cannot grow in your landscape beds.
  • Soil erosion prevention: In Florida, we get a lot of rain and when that happens, it inevitably carries off the soil. Especially in landscape beds, this can be a concern when you have invested money in fertilizer treatments and weed control treatments to get the soil to peak conditions. Mulch and rock can prevent the soil from washing away in the rain.

Proper mulch installation also reduces the need to water, weed, and fertilize your landscape beds since it protects the soil underneath.

Types of Mulch We Use & When Ground Cover Should Be Replenished

Red mulch installed for a home in Manalapan, FL.

The most popular type of mulch in our area of Florida, including Palm Beach, Jupiter, Manalapan, and surrounding cities, is red-dyed mulch. It provides a bright, nice addition to your landscape beds and complements native plants such as crotons and hibiscus shrubs. Other types of mulch we install include shredded hardwood, dyed black, dyed brown, and more.

We recommend that mulch be replenished once a year in order to reap the maximum benefits. If you choose to use rock at your property, then that should be refreshed every other year.

Do you need mulch or rock installation at your luxury home or commercial property?

At Greenscape Design, we install both mulch and rock for luxury residential and commercial properties across the areas of Palm Beach, Jupiter, Manalapan, and other nearby areas.

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