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Very large palm tree being planted at a commercial property in Palm Beach, FL.

Commercial Landscaping Services in Palm Beach, Jupiter, and Manalapan, FL

For businesses in the Palm Beach, FL areas that need to maintain stellar outdoor appearances. We work with hotels, shopping centers, and other large commercial properties.

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Grounds Maintenance, Landscaping, & Hardscaping for Commercial Property in Palm Beach, FL & Nearby Areas

Professional lawn/grounds maintenance, landscaping, and hardscaping designs from our company help your business or commercial property make a lasting first impression. At Greenscape Design, we understand the importance of maintaining an exterior appearance that mirrors the professionalism of the services offered at the property.

For businesses, hotels, shopping plazas, malls, and other commercial property in the Palm Beach, Jupiter, and Manalapan areas of Florida, you will find we’re the best choice for everything from design in hardscaping and landscaping, to routine grounds maintenance.


Routine Grounds Maintenance

Lawn maintenance by Greenscape Design at a commercial property in Palm Beach, FL.

Your business property will have a fresh, manicured lawn all year long with our commercial grounds maintenance services. Our service packages include:

  • Mowing - In South Florida, routine mowing is necessary to keep your grass growing healthy and for weed prevention. Sticking to the "one-third rule", our professional maintenance crew provides weekly and bi-weekly mowing throughout the year.
  • Edging - Our landscapers use commercial-grade tools to edge your walkways, parking lots, landscaping beds, and any other edge that meets your grass. We leave your exterior property looking crisp and clean with sharp edges that are pleasing to the eye.
  • Landscape Trimming - Precise trimming is done on your shrubs, hedges, trees, and plants to ensure the greenery stays vibrant and healthy. We keep the plants growing well and reduce the risk of disease and insect infestation on your property.
  • Fertilization - Improve the plant growth and quality with fertilization treatment to your commercial lawn and landscape. Controlled fertilization is done when your lawn is actively growing. Lawns in South Florida need year-long fertilization and we provide this for your property.
  • Weed Control - Does your property have areas of Dollar Weed, Crabgrass, or Florida Pusley (White Snow)? Using commercial grade herbicides and spray control products, we manage your turf and keep weeds at bay.

Each of the routine services provided by our crew at Greenscape Design have your business at heart. Our services are intended to keep and drive business to your property by creating an eye-catching exterior.


Add Seasonal Color with Annual Flower Plantings

Our company planted annual flowers beside a hedge at a Jupiter, FL hotel.

In Florida, flowers are plentiful year-round and provide a splash of color with bold palettes that brighten up dull landscaping. We have two annual seasons for planting, both winter and summer, with specific flowers that flourish best during their specific times of the year.

Add color to your landscaping beds this season! During mid-December, we recommend planting floral such as Geranium, Marigold, Petunia, and Snapdragon. During mid-May, we recommend planting flowers such as Impatiens, Pentas, and Begonias.

For additional annual floral options for your business, contact us at (561) 968-3243 and speak to one of our experts today!


Commercial Landscaping & Hardscaping Services

New landscaping installation in front of a shopping center in Manalapan, FL.

At Greenscape Design, we have the track-record and team to completely redesign your exterior property to showcase your business. With the right landscaping and hardscaping features, you can drive business right to your doorstep.

People love a great first impression and we can give them that! We provide everything your business needs from the planning and designing phase to installation and weekly maintenance. We can recommend the right hardscaping elements that will showcase your business no matter what industry you are in.

Some great commercial hardscaping elements we can create include:

  • Walkways
  • Retaining walls
  • Patios
  • Water features

Creating customized landscape designs for your business.

Let us create a customized landscape design for your business today! Whether your business is trying to set a serene environment or create a strong and bold feeling, landscaping and hardscaping can set the scene for your brand. Bring your interior vibe to your exteriors with a fleshed out, solid design that is unique to your business.

In addition to providing customized design work, our landscape company can remove any previous landscaping on your property, provide grading, install irrigation systems, and sod as needed.


Everything Begins with Your Initial Consultation

Are you ready to make your commercial property stand out from the competition? If you’re looking for the best, then give us a call at (561) 968-3243 or complete our online consultation forms. We currently providing services to commercial/business properties in and around Palm Beach, Jupiter, and Manalapan, FL.

Landscaping Insurance Coverage
Insurance & Bonding

At Greenscape Design, we strive to protect our clients' interests and privacy. Because we work at the most elite properties in the Palm Beach, FL area, we maintain extraordinary insurance coverages and limits, including a $3 million umbrella coverage. Bonding is also available upon request.