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Snapdragons add color to your landscaping in Jupiter, FL.

Annual Flower Planting in Palm Beach, Jupiter, and Manalapan, FL

Add a splash of color to your landscaping with annual flower planting services for residential and commercial properties.

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Annual flower planting for homes and businesses in and around Palm Beach, FL.

We plant winter and summer annuals at your residence or business, adding color to your landscape and giving your property a unique feel throughout the year.

Annual flowers make this waterfront property's landscaping in Jupiter, FL look fantastic.

Annual flower planting is a year-round phenomenon in Florida. Due to the varying degrees of weather experienced during Florida’s seasons, planting annual flowers is a bit more involved. Our experienced team members can add color to your landscape with annual flower planting services at your home or business.

We plant winter and summer annuals for properties in Palm Beach, Jupiter, Manalapan, and surrounding areas of Florida.

What Exactly Are Annual Flowers

Annuals are plants that bloom for one growing season and then die. They bring fun, new color to your landscaping and help give it a fresh look throughout the year. At Greenscape Design, we are able to offer winter and summer annual flowers to our clients.

Common Winter & Summer Annual Flowers Include Geraniums, Petunias, Zinnias, & More

According to your plants, Florida has two annual seasons—winter and summer. Annuals take a well-groomed landscape and bring beauty and vibrancy to it with an array of colors. Depending on the season, different types of annuals are popular among residents and businesses. Popular Florida annuals include:

  • Winter annuals, planted during mid-December: geranium, marigold, petunia, snapdragon, and more
  • Summer annuals, planted during mid-May: impatiens, pentas, begonias, zinnia, caladium, purslane, and more

In Florida, we don’t usually need to worry about cold weather affecting annuals since we don’t typically have a lot of cold weather.

Many annuals will thrive in our Florida climate since the weather stays pretty steady year-round. Consulting with a landscaping professional will help you decide which annuals you should install on your property.

Other Types of Annuals that Thrive in Florida’s Climate

These annual flowers are planted in a Palm Beach, FL landscape bed.

Other types of annuals that are available for your landscaping include flowers of red, blue, white, pink, and more. Learn more about a few of these annuals.

  • Salvia: This annual flower reaches a height of 12-24 inches and can be red, blue, or white. These flowers are great for attracting butterflies or hummingbirds to your property.
  • Lantana: This plant can sprout a number of different colors such as yellow, white, orange, red, pink, and more. It’s also salt-tolerant, which makes it a great choice for beachfront properties.
  • Butterfly bush: The flowers of this plant also come in different colors and attract pollinators to your landscaping, including butterflies. They can grow to be 6 feet tall in some cases.

The Benefits of Using Annual Flowers

Annual flowers come with many benefits to you and your landscaping. Annuals provide a new splash of color and do not require as much care as perennials do. Perennials require trimming, fertilization, and other services to keep up their health. Annuals are low-maintenance plants since they die after one season. During their life, though, many tend to drop seeds on the ground—meaning you could end up seeing more plants growing as a result of the previous plant.

Do you need annual flowers planted at your residential or commercial property?

As part of our landscaping services at Greenscape Design, we offer annual flower planting for our residential and commercial clients in Palm Beach, Jupiter, Manalapan, and nearby areas. If you’re looking for annual flower planting, contact us today at (561) 968-3243.

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