Lawn care is very important for any homeowner’s yard. Regular mowing, fertilization, and proper irrigation are the most common types of maintenance we think of when we talk about lawn care, however, there are several other services that are just as important to your lawn’s health. One of the most important lawn care services you can provide your lawn is regular weed control.

Without weed control, weeds suffocate your grass and slowly kill it, reversing all your hard work. Weeds wreak havoc on your lawn and diminish your home’s curb appeal and value. If you live in Palm Beach, Jupiter, Manalapan, and the surrounding areas, here are some ways regular weed control treatments benefit your lawn.

West Palm Beach, Florida weed controlled lawn.

Weed Control Preserves Your Lawn’s Health

Weed control is absolutely essential to your lawn’s health. Without it, weeds quickly spread throughout your lawn and choke your grass by depriving it of much-needed space, nutrients, water, and light. Weeds compete with your grass, and because they grow remarkably fast, they often quickly absorb nutrients before your grass has time to soak them up. This leads to an imbalance of nutrients in your soil and weakened grass. If you fertilize when your lawn has weeds, you are simply fueling the weeds in your yard to continue to grow and kill your grass.

Regular weed control treatments help prevent weeds and kill any that may already be growing in your yard. Staying consistent with weed treatments ensures any future weeds won’t be able to grow in your lawn.

Weed treatments also prevent lawn diseases, fungal growth, and pest infestations from taking over your lawn. Because weeds destroy your lawn’s health and immune system, diseases and pests are able to get a strong foothold on your lawn and take over without any fight. When this happens, your lawn is unable to fight back due to nutrient loss and your grass ends up dying.

You Can Save Time & Money with Regular Weed Treatments

Keeping your lawn healthy and maintained is an investment. It’s always important to see regular lawn care like weed control as an investment that will pay dividends in the long run. Mowing, fertilizing, and watering your lawn are all pointless when your lawn has weeds, as these weeds steal all the benefits of these services from your lawn. Rather than throwing money away, invest in regular weed control that will ensure your hard-earned lawn work is going to your grass and not fueling unsightly weeds.

Palm Beach weed control lawn maintenance.

Eliminating Weeds Eliminates Potential Hazards

Weeds are not only damaging to your lawn, but also to your health. Some weeds pose potential health threats to pets and people and are highly toxic if ingested. Creeping indigo, which is common in our area of Florida is very toxic and there have been many fatalities reported from ingesting it. Symptoms include high fever, seizures, vomiting, watery or bloody discharge from the mouth or nose, and death. Many livestock and pet owners are warned to invest in regular weed control treatment to prevent this weed from growing on their land. Weed control is pivotal to prevent unnecessary exposure and illness or death.

Weed control is a cost-effective service that protects your lawn and your pets from damage and harm.

Protect your lawn and loved ones with regular weed control.

If you live in Palm Beach, Jupiter, Manalapan, and surrounding areas, and have weeds in your lawn that you’d like removed, call us today at (561) 968-3243. Our weed control experts are available and ready to help you protect your investment with our affordable weed removal and weed control options.