Maintaining your lawn is very important for many reasons. Regular lawn maintenance promotes your lawn’s health, prevents diseases and harmful pests, eliminates weeds, and increases your home’s curb appeal and value.

Here are some reasons why it’s vital to keep your lawn maintained in Palm Beach, Jupiter, Manalapan, and the surrounding areas.

Promotes Optimum Health & Nutrient Absorption

Grass grows at an astounding rate. Ensuring your lawn is regularly trimmed is vital to its health as it keeps the grass blades at the proper height for photosynthesis and nutrient absorption. Infrequent mowing is detrimental to your lawn’s health as it cuts off more than one-third of the grass blade at once. Removing more than one-third leaves your lawn vulnerable to weeds, dehydration, and heat damage, and sends the grass blades into shock. When this happens, your grass doesn’t absorb the nutrients it needs to stay strong and healthy.

When thatch builds up in your grass, it blocks the grass blades from receiving the proper amount of water, sunlight, and nutrients, causing them to starve and die. Removing thatch and aerating your lawn opens up the soil, allowing water, light, and nutrients to penetrate deeply into the roots.

Keeps Diseases & Pests Away

Our company's lawn maintenance services in Jupiter, FL keep pests like this grub away from your lawns.

Lawn maintenance is the best defense against diseases and pests. Preventative pesticide treatments ensure your grass doesn’t fall susceptible to pests that multiply and wreak havoc on your lawn. Regular lawn mowing cuts off any diseased areas of grass before they spread to the rest of your lawn and kill it. Thatch is a haven for pests to hide, multiply, and spread out to the rest of your lawn. Having a professional lawn maintenance company like Greenscape Design dethatch your lawn, removes this buildup and eliminates a breeding ground for pests that destroy your landscape. Routine maintenance is the best way to keep your lawn disease and pest free.

Provides Natural Weed Control

Weeds choke out your lawn’s grass and starve them of the essential nutrients they need to thrive and grow strong and healthy. A weed-infested lawn suffers greatly, with grass starving, turning brown from dehydration and nutrient loss, and then eventually dying. Regular mowing will keep your grass blades strong and resilient against weeds, and lawn care services such as top dressing and overseeding will fill in sparse areas of grass and crowd out weeds. A weed-free lawn means your grass can receive the nutrition it needs to continue to grow strong and fight off diseases.

Taking proper care of your lawn is vital to ensure its health and protect your home’s value.

Increases & Maintains Curb Appeal

This beachfront home in Manalapan, FL benefits from increased curb appeal from our company's regular lawn maintenance services.

Ensuring your lawn is maintained is also vitally important to protect your investment and home’s value. A poorly-maintained lawn decreases your home’s value, losing you money in the long run from various repairs and an unsightly appearance. Your home’s curb appeal plays a major role in your home’s value, and taking care of your lawn and landscape ensures your home’s value doesn’t drop. Homebuyers stray away from homes with poorly-manicured lawns and messy landscapes. Even if you’re not in the market to sell your home, maintaining your lawn puts more money in your pocket by preventing damage to your property and keeping your lawn as efficient as possible.

Are you looking to set up regular lawn maintenance for your property?

Regular lawn maintenance keeps your property strong and healthy, and looking sharp. If you’re ready to set up routine lawn maintenance in Palm Beach, Jupiter, Manalapan, and the surrounding areas, call us today at (561) 968-3243 to schedule a consultation.