We recently installed over 30 large palm trees for a private estate on a corner lot in Palm Beach, FL. The majority of the trees were large Coconut (25 of them), but also included 2 Thrinax and 4 Triple Adonidia palms.

Large Palm Installation Around Pool Area

Planting large palms around an existing pool area is always tricky and requires the proper equipment, knowledge, and experience to ensure it's done right without causing damage to the property. Our team of experts was able to successfully install 6 large palms around the pool area of this estate. Besides having the best team in the business, we make this white-knuckle task look easy using the right equipment.

We utilize large booms, or in this case, a crane to hoist the tree above any obstacles and drop into the proper location. We leave the tree attached to the crane while our crew completes the installation by burying the root system and staking the tree up for additional support. Once the tree is securely planted and staked, the tree is unhooked from the crane and we start on the next one!

Hedges, Sod, & Other Landscaping Elements

At Greenscape Design, we do more than just the big palm trees. With this particular estate, privacy is important. Along the property lines that backed up to neighboring residences, we installed a 12-14 foot Calophyllum hedge that provides a natural privacy fence.

Along with the hedges, we also installed a Sea Grape arch and finished the project by laying Empire Zoysia sod around the entire property.

Project Photos

Check out some of these photos from the project. You can see the vast amount of trees from these awesome aerial shots, as well as some other aspects of the job. What do you think? Leave your comments below!