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New professional landscaping at a home in Palm Beach, FL.

Landscaping & HardscapingInstallation Services

Create your outdoor oasis with exotic landscaping, patios, walkways, stone walls, fire pits, and more! We partner with the area's most prestigious contractors and architects to execute our clients' visions.

In the Palm Beach, FL area, we provide installation services for some of the largest, most complex, and challenging projects in the area, as well as routine installations for contractors, architects, and homeowners.

At Greenscape Design, we’re known for exquisite designs and flawless execution of both landscaping and hardscaping projects. Serving homeowners in Palm Beach, Jupiter, Manalapan, and other nearby areas, we create stunning full-property landscapes, custom patios/walkways, outdoor fire pits/fireplaces, water features, and much more.


Planning & Design Process

Large palm tree installation in the back of a home in Palm Beach, %%state.

Your property will benefit from well-designed landscaping and expertly crafted hardscaping elements, both aesthetically and from a property value standpoint. Our professional team of craftsmen and designers know how to bring your vision to life, using design techniques such as:

  • Focal Point - Where your eye is drawn, and attention is directed. This is usually close to the entrance in front or close to the gathering spot in your entertainment area of the yard.
  • Unity - Using sizes, shapes, textures, and placement of both landscaping and hardscaping to create a visually pleasing and whole design.
  • Balance - Using asymmetrical or symmetrical design to create a landscape that has an overall balanced look. Asymmetrical balance is free-flowing, abstract, and informal. Symmetrical balance is more formal and mirrored.
  • Proportion - Each element of the design must be horizontally and vertically proportionate to the home and to one another.

An Initial Landscape Consultation is the First Step

Initially, you are going to start with a consultation, allowing you to meet with our designer and give your ideas and input. Our team will take a survey of your land, noting existing plants, landscaping, and anything that needs to be incorporated into your design, like a drainage system, irrigation system, or leveling issues.

We help you select proper and seasonal plants, trees, flowers, and shrubs that will work together to create a cohesive look. Your hardscaping elements are planned during this phase as well, such as material types, textures, and patterns. Once the plans and designs are ready, we provide you with a detailed estimate including the cost of landscape materials, labor, and installation plans.


Landscaping Projects

Beautiful landscaping installation in the front of a home in Palm Beach, %%state.

It's time to get to work on your landscaping project! After an approved contract and installation date, our company professionals get to work executing the design. The first step in the process is removing any existing landscaping from the area and preparing the property for the installation of new landscape elements.

This part of your project can include any of the following steps:

  • Preparing the turf or landscape beds, including creating new beds.
  • Installing an irrigation system or fixing the current one.
  • Installing plants into the landscaping beds.
  • Laying a weed mat or barrier to add protection to the landscaping beds.
  • Installation of ground coverings, including your chosen rock or mulch for the project.
  • If desired, installing curbing around the landscaping beds to give it a finished, clean look.
  • Creation/build of any hardscaping elements such as patios, walkways, retaining walls, fire/water features, or landscape lighting.
  • Laying sod in areas if needed.

Popular Plant Options for Florida’s East Coast

Our landscaping experts will help you choose the appropriate shrubs and trees to add plant life that enhances your home and is native to the area.

Some of the most common shrubs in the area include Yellow Trinettes, multi-colored Crotons (such as Mammy, Corkscrew, and Petra), Bouganvillea, Firebrush, Gallberry, and Spanish Bayonet.

Some of the most common palm trees used in our landscaping designs include Canary Date Palms, Sylvester Palms, Royal Palms, Foxtail Palms, and Coconut Palms.

With added annual flower planting, your landscape will have the perfect balance of greenery and color all year long.

We offer a one-year warranty on all plants installed with a contracted maintenance package after installation.


Patios & Walkways

Custom paver patio at a waterfront estate in Manalapan, %%state.

At Greenscape Design, your design options are only limited by your imagination when it comes to patios and walkways. We partner with several of the area’s best hardscape contractors to deliver a fully integrated project. Using materials such as brick pavers, concrete pavers, or natural flagstone, we can create just about any size or shape. Brick pavers are a popular choice because of their endless patterns and colors that are easily customizable to fit your overall design and your home's architectural style. Flagstone is also a popular choice because ever stone is 100% unique.

Whether you are adding on to a pre-existing patio or creating a brand new one, adding this hardscaping element to your yard allows for you to bring your entertaining outdoors. Walkways can be added to/from driveways, throughout gardens, and create a path to your patio.


Retaining, Landscaping, & Seating Stone Walls

New retaining wall and walkway for Palm Beach homeowner.

Bring in an element to your landscaping that seamlessly blends in with the rest of your design while offering functionality and enhancing the overall look of your property.

Retaining walls serve a dual purpose. While they can be pleasing to the eye, the real purpose of retaining walls in Florida landscaping is to prevent water from destroying your property through flooding or erosion. When installing retaining walls on your property, we keep in mind proper drainage as well.

On the aesthetic side, retaining walls can create a beautiful, elegant look to your property. We can create landscaping walls that double as raised planter beds and give your property added dimension.

We can also add purpose and value to your outdoor living area with seating walls that:

  • Provide ample room around fireplaces
  • Create a gathering place for your friends and family
  • Give you added functional space


Fire Pits & Fireplaces

Jupiter, FL estate with a custom outdoor fire pit.

Both fire pits and fireplaces create a warm, relaxing vibe for your outdoor atmosphere. Both are also available in gas or wood-burning, so it is a matter of preference and budget as to which you prefer to install. We have experience in installing both options. You can customize either fire feature with a variety of materials including:

  • Masonry Block
  • Concrete Pavers
  • Brick
  • Flagstone

Fire pits tend to be a choice option for a social environment since they have a full 360° area of entertainment. This is a great option for large groups of people! Also, choosing a fire pit will leave you open to enjoy the rest of your yard without blocking any views. Fire pits are most commonly circular in shape but also come in a rectangle, square, or oval for those who entertain with a larger number of guests.

Customers choose a fireplace when they want a more intimate and romantic environment, great for a few close friends or family. Fireplaces create a great focal point for your landscape and offer endless amounts of customization, including:

  • An adjoining patio
  • Building a mantle
  • Choosing free-standing or attached to a wall

Since a fireplace is more integrated into your overall design, we make sure it becomes the beautiful centerpiece for your outdoor entertainment area.


Additional Hardscaping Elements to Consider

Decorative paver driveway at a large home in Palm Beach, %%state.

At Greenscape Design, we provide customization in every aspect of landscaping and hardscaping to ensure our customers are getting the design they deserve and love. Additional elements that may elevate your landscaping further include:

  • Water Features - Customizable fountains, ponds, waterfalls, grottos, and more!
  • Decorative Driveways - Using pavers of various sizes and colors, create a custom look for your driveway and ditch the plain concrete slab.
  • Outdoor Lighting - With the use of lighting techniques such as down-lighting, up-lighting, and feature-lighting, enhance your landscaping and improve the appearance of your home.


Looking for the best team to design and execute your landscaping or hardscaping project? Give us a call.

Our company provides top-of-the-line services when it comes to design and installs. We’re currently servicing Palm Beach, Jupiter, Manalapan, and immediate surrounding areas. If you’d like to request a consultation to meet with our design team, call (561) 968-3243 or complete our online forms.

Large palm tree installation around a pool at a home in Palm Beach, FL.

Landscaping Insurance Coverage
Insurance & Bonding

At Greenscape Design, we strive to protect our clients' interests and privacy. Because we work at the most elite properties in the Palm Beach, FL area, we maintain extraordinary insurance coverages and limits, including a $3 million umbrella coverage. Bonding is also available upon request.